Corporate Association

HCWA has been tirelessly working to help the women and children in need. The impact of our work at a glance:

  1. Have supported more than 600 beneficiaries of Cardiac and Kidney surgeries and cancer treatments.

  2. Every month free medical camps in slums provide free consultation and free medicines, almost 55,000 people benefited.

  3. Supported 2,000 direct beneficiaries by providing free computer education including girls.

  4. Support more than 2,000 of educational sponsorship in different school for underprivileged meritorious students.

  5. Support rural area school with 1,000 children.

  6. HCWA has help more than 10,000 people during various natural calamities.

  7. Every month hundreds of people are getting free medical treatment and medicines through our monthly Free Medical Camps.

  8. 25 Special kids are getting their therapies and special education at our Saksham Special School.

  9. HCWA has adoption 700 Children school in rural area of eastern UP and provided them various teaching aids and even funded them for having a roof in their school.

We Audit and screen our Projects:

We oversee and screen our undertakings stringently to guarantee proficient use of assets. Ventures are likewise routinely surveyed by experts to quantify progress against arrangements. Gatherings with undertaking staff, folks, kids and group bunches offer us some assistance with gaging progress. We strive to make most judicious use of scarce resources.

We remain for Lasting Change:

We concentrate on preparation and strengthening of groups. Our methodology gets to the main driver of these formative issues -, for example, non-working schools, unemployed folks, non-operational human services focuses thus on that keep youngsters far from their rights – and empower change that can support itself.

  1. Give your image perceivability

  2. Partnering with us. Be a piece of our attempt to roll out enduring improvement

  3. Enhance your image picture and be known as a socially cognizant association

  4. Give Employees the opportunity to have any kind of Receive a Project.