Jeewan Rekha

Indeed, even following quite a while of opportunity,

Indeed, even following quite a while of opportunity, India is as yet attempting to give essential wellbeing administrations to its kin. HCWA India Foundation keeps on working towards to the essential medicinal services of the underprivileged group. At HCWA India Foundation, we are determined to guarantee that each individual has an entrance to social insurance particularly the individuals who generally go untreated because of their financial conditions. It is thus that we pack our endeavors in remote ranges where most denied and burdened individuals live. This mission has driven us to center and portion the regions that need appropriate medicinal services offices because of which a few individuals are compelled to confront the outcomes of their wellbeing issues.

Through Jeevan we attempt to do our bit to enhance the circumstance of social insurance access. To back us up in this social activity we are bolstered by a proficient group of specialists who are very much furnished with every single restorative facilitie. We additionally sort out general mindfulness camps for AIDS, de-dependence drives, free wellbeing registration, and yoga camps at various areas.

Absence Of Information

Absence of information about therapeutic issues and ailments is one of the real explanations for deferral in restorative registration, which brings about fatalities. It consequently gets to be imperative to make mindfulness. Along these lines we do mindfulness drives the nation over through the medium of road plays and theater. We run our wellbeing and symptomatic focus, on Save the Liitle Heart , We have led a few wellbeing camps and more than 10,000 individuals have experienced essential wellbeing registration including blood test, eye registration, general wellbeing registration and advising.

Pediatric Heart Surgeries and Renal Treatment
Save the Little HEART

HCWA is supporting the pediatric Heart Surgeries specially the CHD cases as Congenital heart defect (CHD), also known as a congenital heart anomaly or congenital heart disease, is a problem in the structure of the heart that is present at birth.[2] Signs and symptoms depend on the specific type of problem.[3] Symptoms can vary from none to life-threatening.[2] When present they may include rapid breathing, bluish skin, poor weight gain, and feeling tired.[4] It does not cause chest pain.[4] Most congenital heart problems do not occur with other diseases.[3] Complications that can result from heart defects include heart failure.

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HCWA supports patients from different hospitals for heart & renal disorder by providing them medicines, and supported more than 600 cases till now sin different hopiatlas.

Medical Camps

In June 2005 HCWA as a part of its community service activity initiated organization of Multi-specialty medical camps through its Free Medical Camps wing in collaboration with Hospitals, volunteers and staff. Since then these Multi-specialty Medical Camps are being organized on every month all through the year. These camps are being held in the vicinity of the adopted slums from morning11:00am to 05:00pmm. One day before the medical camp a team of volunteers with staff goes to the adopted villages/slums for canvasing and distribution of pamphlets. The pamphlets provide detailed information about the medical camp, its venue, time and the available medical facilities which would be available. Information about the camp is also given to all the concerned local authorities. Preparations for readying the venue of the Medical Camp start one day before the camp when all the necessary equipment, furniture, tent etc. are loaded in the truck and Tractor trolley by the volunteers for transporting them to the medical camp site early next morning. The registration of patients is handled by volunteers/staff. Well experienced specialist doctors from reputed organizations consistently render their services in this medical camp with full dedication. Allopathic treatment.

For all the tests conducted in the camp the reports are provided immediately within the duration of the camp. Consultancy and Treatment including medicines and all the tests are provided free of cost in these camps. Patients throng the medical camps and this has become talk of the town, with these early interventional camps HCWA has made a positive impact on lives of more than Fifty Five Thousand slum dwellers.