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Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality is the primary health problem faced by women of reproductive age in developing countries and represents the greatest public health indicator disparity between development countries where risk of maternal death is 1/9200 and developing countries with a risk of 1/7. Maternal mortality, however, is not a result of socioeconomic underdevelopment, since some developing countries have achieved low levels of maternal mortality. Because women propagate our species, society has an obligation to protect maternal health. Only 55% of the world’s women have a trained birth attendant to support them during delivery. Today, Health personnel understand how to make maternity safe. What is required is our will and knowledge along with a commitment to implement safe motherhood. Safe motherhood is a human right and should be held very high on the agenda of women’s movement.
According to National Health Mission Chief Naveen Jain –“Rajasthan is the only state in the country that had introduced social review of maternal deaths to know the reasons and plug in the gaps. This was started in September 2014.

Statistic :

Now as well as all know government is doing a lot of work here, but , somewhere down the line thing didn’t shape up as designed. We as prudent citizens should do our bit by helping those pregnant women who are deprived and rope in as many to lead them towards safe deleveries.

By helping them monetarily we only attract these families to have proper hospital based deleveries, but, educate them for future pregnancies. Paying families following girl child deleveries is not intended to create any compensation, but, to maje them take a pledge that they will educate their daughter and this comes as a start up kit.

We are working with SONAA MEDIHUB HOSPITAL, Jodhpur to fight against maternal Mortality.