Education Aid

About HCWA Education

Among the half a billion children who live in India, there is big section who subsist in abject poverty. Those who have never been to school or drop out early take to begging on the mean streets and are often vulnerable to all kind of exploitations. At HCWA, we make every effort to get them into the mainstream, provide quality education to all these children so as to bring them back into the mainstream and make a positive difference in their lives.

Among adults, India has the dubious distinction of housing the world’s largest population of illiterates? Not surprisingly, there are huge disparities in the socio-economic status of the rich and the poor in our country. Victims of education divide, a lot needs to be done to strengthen the teacher-pupil ratios, infrastructure and hygiene conditions in rural India.

HCWA works with a clutch of NGOs to make these facilities available to the socially and economically underprivileged classes of our society. Depending upon the needs of the target community we intend to serve, our support partners conduct their programmes in formal, non-formal as well as special learning formats.